Hi Would be Supply Partner!

In this blog I would love to share experience of my existing supply partner Alex, who is the sales manager with one of the reputed component distributor based in North Carolina.

Alex got to know about our unsold inventory marketing campaign and decided to participate. He simply uploaded his component list (Which he wanted to sell)  on https://stream.iodparts.com/non-moving-inventory .

iodParts then published the inventory details on the website of iodParts with all the details such as part number, quantity available,  price, etc. After only 2 weeks; a contract manufacturer buyer from India contacted iodParts for the same inventory as they wanted it in No Lead Time and found it available on iodParts and ultimately bought the whole stock at once.

Alex then personally called iodParts and said


If you too want to be a happy supply partner and get rid of your Non moving inventory; upload your inventory list at https://stream.iodparts.com/non-moving-inventory or do contact us at [email protected] .

We look forward to hear from you and help you for free to sell your Unsold Inventory.