Hello there. In my last blog I shared some information about widget; iodParts has launched and how to use it. The widget is useful tool for suppliers connected with iodParts. In this blog I am going to share one easy way to integrate your Unsold Non Moving Inventory with iodParts.

For this purpose, we have launched new Microsoft App. The use of this app is to integrate the excel sheet of your inventory with iodParts’ data base. For this purpose you need to follow few simple steps given below:

Microsoft App.

  • Run the program.
  • Now Sign up to this app by putting required information.

Just simply drag and drop your inventory excel sheet to this app and it will be integrated to our system.


Yes. It’s that easy.

After the integration, iodParts will take care of the sell of your inventory. We will share the inventory datasheet to buyers around the globe! Selling on iodParts is very easy!