For a seasoned component buyer, the challenge of Component Shortage is nothing new in a cyclic industry like a semiconductor. The change is about being equipped with new tools and methods.

iodParts Shortage rank can help component buyers to know how easy or difficult a part is to source for their production needs. The moving shortage rank keeps track of the supply, popularity, Historical Inventory Turnover, Lead Time, Life Cycle and PCN notices  from the manufacturer.

Component buyers must review their outlook on lead times for components amid surging global demand and reports of allocation risks on certain products based on their production planning.

The shortage rank is designed to have an informed decision about how source-able a particular Manufacturer Part No. in your Bill of Material.

Existing customers can Log-in to review the current shortage rank of their parts along with, Life Cycle, Current Lead Time, PCN Notices, Popularity rank of Parts, etc.

The results are presented in an easy to understand infographic form with the aim of making the underlying data more understandable to users.

To assess MPN, the app performs a number of quantitative "checks" across a range of assessment criteria and provides the results in a visually intuitive graphics.

Current Availability : Reported inventory on such parts by worldwide Authorised, Catalogue and independent component distributor.

Inventory Trend : Inventory turnover of the part in last one year.

Lead Time Trend : Decrease or Increase in Manufacturer's Lead Time in last one year

Life Cycle : Life stage of the Part Number