This is the last blog of the series How to integrate inventory with iodParts?

In today’s blog the way I am going to share with you to integrate your inventory with iodParts is the easiest!

Mail it!

  • You can simply mail it to [email protected] .
  • Once you mail your inventory datasheet to us on the given e mail address, we will do the rest.
  • iodParts will put all the data in the data sheet into  our system immediately.
  • Your inventory will then get integrated with iodParts’ system and other buyers will be able to see it.

The major reason why we have posted blog series on How to integrate inventory with iodParts is to increase awareness about the easy ways among suppliers. As I mentioned in previous blogs, iodParts’ top concern is easy commerce. While working with iodParts, suppliers will realize selling inventory online is not at all difficult. Many suppliers like to work in a traditional way. They have decided customers and an already established customer network. But why limit your business??? Suppliers can definitely expand their business beyond their imagination using e commerce. Selling inventory in a traditional way as well as online can be a great help to the startups as well since they do not have already established customer network. To know more benefits of using e commerce to develop your business, you can read my blog called 9 Reasons why working with iodParts is beneficial.