As we know electronic counterfeiting involves creating fake replica of original electronic components. Counterfeiting has always been a major problem as it reduces the quality of electronic device and sometimes may cause device stop functioning. According to a recent survey only 4% engineers think that the problem of counterfeiting is improving. Here in this blog I will share some techniques of Identifying and Solving electronic counterfeiting problems.

Identifying counterfeit components:

  • Spelling difference- The spelling differences in the name of component are very slight one can miss easily.
  • Date code error- Manufacturing dates are fake and incorrect.
  • Dry pack and humidity indicator card- Some components are temperature sensitive and are packed with a Humidity Indicator Card.
  • Imperfection- Edges, thickness, alignments, may vary and show imperfection.
  • Difference in thickness and weight of components.
  • Logo and part number- Logo and part number is different than the original logo and part number again with a slight measure.
  • Decapsulation test- Decapsulation involves destructing the component to expose its internal structure.
  • Decapsulation works well for plastic encapsulated components, and there is automated equipment that you can buy specifically for this purpose.
  • Chemical test- Components are dipped into some certain chemicals and reaction is tested accordingly.


  • Precaution is better than cure. Always take note of all points of identifying the counterfeiting.
  • Keeping track of Life cycle of components.
  • Purchasing directly from manufacturer is always preferred. But in some cases if it is not possible and you are buying from a broker or distributor, always ask for authentication.
  • Trace-ability of components should be taken care of.
  • To avoid counterfeit, Quality standards are checked. These are ISO 9001:2008 and AS5553. AS5553 is created at request of NASA. It provides uniform requirements, practices and methods to mitigate the risks of receiving counterfeit electronic parts.This standard is recommended for use by organizations that procure electronic parts, whether such parts are procured directly or integrated into electronic assemblies or equipment.
  • Report the counterfeits to other buyers, stakeholders and criminal investigation authorities (GIDEP, ERAI). Do not return the counterfeit components to the seller.

iodParts as a component marketplace company takes care of all these aspects and provide traceable components to customers.