As you all know iodParts is an online electronic component market. Suppliers can sell their unsold inventory to us and buyers can buy components they need for manufacturing from us.


1) Real Time Availability:

We provide real time availability of components you seek for. iodParts takes care of your orders and delivers them in no time.

2) Trace-ability:

Trace-ability is very important in any transaction. Any buyer will appreciate a purchase if Trace-ability is available. The facility of Trace-ability provides all the information about the product manufacturing. One major feature iodParts has is Trace-ability.

3) Easy Commerce:

iodParts has a very simple easy to understand process. Unlike other e-commerce sites, iodParts has kept it real simple. If you are a supplier, you just need to click on the Sell on iodParts button. You will be directed to a landing page where you have to submit your non- moving inventory report. We will help you integrate your inventory with iodParts.

4) No lead Time:

This is the most important point why you should buy on iodParts. Why would any company seek for components online? Either to avoid long lead times requested by local vendors or to get components which are not available at local vendors. We at iodParts provide you real time availability as mentioned above and this is the reason we do not ask for lead time. Your components will be shipped immediately after confirmation of your order.

5) Good Service:

You will definitely experience good service in iodParts. We provide Transparency. iodParts believe in providing great service before and also after delivery of products. We believe delighting customers gives more satisfaction.

6) Reasonable Price:

Many buyers has this myth that buying online might be expensive. That is not true in the case of iodParts. We provide you with the components you could not get from your regular vendors and that too in No Lead time. Still we charge the same as the market rates!

7) Verified Quality:

Why iodParts is different and better than other online component marketplaces? We not only provide zero lead time but also verified quality. Our team verifies each order placed by customers before delivering to them. We work on reducing your efforts here too. Isn’t that great!

8) Global business:

iodParts works globally. Suppliers and buyers around the world can come to our site and deal with us without any demographic limitations.

9) Informational Content:

iodParts as an online component marketplace; not only buy & sell components, but also provide great, meaningful, helpful, informational content to the customers and readers through blogs. You can subscribe blog of iodParts here: